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    Gazella Cup Marathon

    8 Day Sport Challenge Sinai Desert

    THE GAZELLA CUP is a sporting event set in 5 stages across the stunning landscapes of Sinai, Egypt. This itinerary combines sporting challenge, mythical desert discovery and emotions due to the profound historical aspect in this part of Egypt. Participants will follow the stunning Red Sea coast then head inland to discover wadis, oasis’s and canyons. This sporting challenge finishes at the top of Mount Sinai, also known as Moses Mountain, passing by the beautiful Monastery of Saint Catherine, which you will have the chance to visit on completion of the challenge. The awards ceremony will take place the lazy diving town of Dahab where you can spend the remainder of your time at relaxing poolside.

    The Gazella Cup has been carefully designed and each part of the itinerary has been checked on location by both NED staff & local correspondents. It is set over 8 days, and there are 5 sporting challenges (stages) within this time. The routes, distances and gradients of each stage may vary as they will be relevant to the method you chosen to participate in: Running or Trekking.

    • SUPPLY POINTS: include mineral water & energetic food (sweet biscuits, dried fruits or fresh fruits) & are available every 5km. Sign posts will notify you 1km before every supply point.

    • ROUTE MARKINGS: are set up with with red & white tape one week prior to race.

    • TIME LIMITS: apply to RUNNERS only. ATV Bicycle & Walking stages are considered leisure practice as they are not ranked or subject to a time limit.


    Tour Fact File


    Desert Lodge | In various regions throughout Egypt there are beautifully crafted Eco Lodges. Some made of natural materials of the region and some build to blend in with the surrounding environment. Usually located owned and run, these lodges are a great way to really experience traditional ways of life. A Desert Lodge offers basic facilities for an overnight stay with restaurant in house.

    Traditional Bedouin Camp | EMBAH’s nomadic desert camp in Sinai consists of traditional Bedouin tents, with carpeted areas for relaxing and sleeping. The Nomadic camp means that the camp will be set up and dismantled each day as you we move  Mattresses are provided to ensure your comfort and sleeping bags can also be arranged. A kitchen area is set adjacent to the camp, where freshly prepared meals will be cooked on an open fire. Designated washing and toilet areas are set up and in some cases you can bathe in hot springs or fresh water oases. Our camp locations are picked for favorable weather conditions and stunning scenery.


    • Sinai Local Impact |

      EMBAH is committed to the elements of responsible & sustainable tourism, and this tour boasts multiple benefits to the local community. While travelling in the Desert & Mountainous regions of Sinai, work opportunities and therefore income is distributed between multiple desert dwelling families. Wherever possible we purchase local produce, encourage souvenir purchase from the Bedouin women and use local homes for meals. The projects we support in this region are:  

      • Nawamis Desert School | An initiative developed by a UK charity that was brought about to enable the Bedouin villagers to remain in their desert homes and maintain their traditional way of life and still have their children educated. It also provides a special meeting place where Bedouin tribes can gather and celebrate.    

      • Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Gardens | a local initiative to preserve Rare medicinal plants unique to the region. Herbs gardens have been created on various plots in land throughout St Catherine’s and are also cultivated in greenhouses for preserving biodiversity, research and for sale.

    • TITLE

      Gazella Cup Marathon

    • THEME


    • STYLE





      8 days, 7 nights

    • START & END

      Dahab ,Sharm el Sheikh


      2 ways airport transfer from Sharm airport. All trasfers oultines in itinerary. 4x4 Jeeps.


      2 nights - Coral Coast Hotel, 1 night - Lodge, 4 nights - Tradtional bedouin camp

    • MEALS

      7 x Breakfast
      7 x Lunch
      7 x Dinner


      Average of 75 persons


    • PEOPLE

      EMBAH Representatives, doctors, physiotherapists and local logistic crew.


      Running, Trekking, Sightseeing


      • loose cotton/linen clothing
      • sleeping bag
      • sport bottle & carrier bag / wraptank
      • forehead lamp & spare batteries
      • sun protection (hat / sunglasses / sunblock)
      • light fleece for evenings
      • basic first aid products (you will be sent a list to you upon registration)
      • mosquito repellent
      • suitable footwear / gaiters (for runners & trekkers)
      • modest clothing when sightseeing and visiting religious & crowded areas.
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