Embah DMC

Today’s travel industry is fast moving and international tour operators need to have their finger on the pulse of what’s new on any destination. Gone are the days of Egypt being marketed as a destination of Nile Cruises and Classic 5 star Resorts, Egypt has much more to offer, and your clients are looking for access to visit a different Egypt.
Embah provides you with an up to the minute insight into the trends of incoming tourism in Egypt, with forecasting solutions to be the leading tour operator for Egypt in your sector.
As your partners in Egypt, it is our job to successfully achieve your goals and objectives, and our clear cut .......... outline how exactly we can do just that :

Face to Face - we are a family run business with established relations with all our local suppliers.

Reliability - With 22 years experience in the industry, we really know how things work in Egypt, insures all travel plans, whether it be xxxx or xxxx, are successfully implemented.

Training - EMBAH’s boast a dedicated in house training facility for all tourism industry training courses. Our Embah tour leader course and intership program is a pre requiste for all new team members working in the field.

Company Branding - Our International travel partners are invited to host their own branded program to reinforce their company ethos to ensure matched expectation.

Community support - We hosts visiting trainers, NGO initiatives and informative lectures, bringing new concepts and skills to the local community.

Local Knowledge - adventure travelers at heart, we know every corner of Egypt's cities, villages, deserts and mountains, there is nowhere we don't know.

Trends - we are constantly researching new activities, newly discovered antiquities, new boutique lodges & hotels.  

Leverage - On-going relationships with vendors to obtain the best quality, service and negotiations. Creative Ideas & Dynamics for special events, team building and those challenging situations and for exciting new programs & excursions across Egypt.

Specialist employees, crew & suppliers - allows expert tour planning, logistic support, tour leading & local guiding.

All-In-One process: inquiries, booking, handling & payment details are all kept in line to make things simple for you. Our agents deal with one contact and Embah works with distribution.

Leverage & buying power – we have a network of local suppliers throughout Egypt, which allows us us to offer clients the best services, latest deals and on the ground co-ordination across Egypt.

National coverage - local support multiple offices for local representation

Safety & Security - comes first – We have years of experience organizing tours, work only with trusted people, and every tour is fully recce before it departs.